Homelessness, learning from those who’ve lived it: PESP evaluation

CHP has been running the Peer Education and Support Program since 2005.  This volunteer program provides people who have experienced homelessness with the opportunity to improve the service system.

In 2013 CHP received a grant from the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation to evaluate the PESP program. This evaluation has helped to identify both the benefits for those who participate in the program, and improvements in the service system as a result of the involvement of PESP.

The Final report, Homelessness, learning from those who’ve lived it: the PESP evaluation, and the report appendicies can be found via the links below:

Final report

Homelessness, learning from those who’ve lived it: the PESP evaluation


Appendix A: Definitions and Terminology

Appendix B: Literature review

Appendix C: List of PESP program initatives 2012

Appendix D: A scan of selected consumer programs initiatives

Appendix E: Informed Consent Information Sheet

Appendix F: Consultation questions for PESP members

Appendix G: Consultation questions for other PESP stakeholders

Appendix H: Findings from PESP interviews, focus groups and other stakeholder consultations

Appendix I: Consumer Participation  and Peer Support toolkits and resources

Appendix J: PESP Position Description

Appendix K: Suggestions for future program improvement