Capability Framework

This Workforce Capability Framework for the Specialist Homelessness Sector (SHS) clarifies the skills, knowledge and competencies required by practitioners providing high-quality SHS.

The Framework identifies five domains, and sixteen sub-capabilities that enable specialist homelessness practitioners to achieve person centred outcomes in partnership with consumers.

The Framework describes the capabilities required for the work of SHS practitioners, both today and into the future.



A priority goal of the SHS Transition Plan is to Build sector capacity in relation to outcomes. To action this goal and the related deliverables CHP is working in partnership with Lirata Consulting to undertake complementary sector work and build sector capacity to engage, support and contribute to the development of a DHHS led outcomes framework for the SHS. This work builds on CHPs 2018 position paper Preparing for Outcome Measurement.

The aim is to develop outcome measures that capture what outcomes matter for the SHS and each service type and to deliver a formal Sector Consultation Report articulating this. To achieve this there will be extensive consultation with the SHS between April and August 2019.

The Sector Consultation Report will be drafted in the second half of 2019 and shared for comment with the SHS prior to finalisation. The Sector Consultation Report will be presented back to government as well as forming a resource for the sector.


Consultation process

An Outcomes Working Group including representatives of CHP, service providers, and people with lived experience has been formed and will meet regularly to discuss key issues.

Additional consultations will occur through interviews, focus groups and forums. The consultations will occur between April and August 2019. We will seek input from people with lived experience of homelessness; managers and staff of SHS provider organisations; researchers and evaluators; government; and people with expertise in SHS data.

If you would like further information, provide feedback or participate in any of the consultations, please contact Mark Planigale or Leannda Read from Lirata at

Upcoming Consultation Sessions

 Activity Date
SHS Transition Plan Organisational Capacity Working Group meeting 13/5/19
SHS Transition Plan Executive Advisory Group meeting 5/6/19
Youth Refuges forum consult 5/6/19
Program cluster workshop – Rough Sleepers initiatives, Crisis Supported Accommodation, Refuges 17/6/2019, 1.00-4.30pm
Program cluster workshop – IAP, Interim Response, Assertive Outreach 28/6/2019, 9.30-1.00pm
Program cluster workshop – Tenancy management (THM), tenancy advocacy and support, PRAP 9/7/2019, 1.00-4.30pm
Program cluster workshop – Case Management, Transitional Support 15/7/2019, 1.00-4.30pm
Consumer workshop 15/7/2019, 10.30am-12.00pm
Consumer workshop 19/8/2019, 10.30am-12.00pm
Regional videoconference 23/7/2019, 10.30am-12.00pm
Regional videoconference 21/8/2019, 1.00-2.30pm
LASN meeting (Metro) – Eastern Homelessness Network 1/8/2019, 11.00am–12.30pm
LASN meeting (Regional) – Central Highlands & Grampians 1/8/2019, 10.00am-12.00pm
SHIP Champions meeting DATE TBC Jun – Aug 2019


Project documentation

Working group documentation


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