Transition Plan Action Tables

As a valuable resource, action tables have been developed to provide more specific detail about each of the SHS Transition Plan’s 15 goals. These resources provide information on what each goal means, why it is important, future vision, relevant literature, good practice examples and helpful resources. They are designed to be a useful reference and a good starting point for organisations or individuals wanting to action any of the 15 goals in the SHS Transition Plan.


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1. Embed person-centred models of practice
2. Build sector capacity in relation to outcomes
3. Promote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander self-determination
4. Build service capacity to deliver the contemporary suite of services to gain and sustain housing
5. Develop a consumer participation strategy
6. Strengthen consumer service pathways
7. Improve local service coordination
8. Build data provision and sharing protocols
9. Make effective use of new technologies
10. Develop SHS research priorities and complete research
11. Build a workforce development strategy
12. Develop Workforce Pathways
13. Develop a SHS workforce capability framework
14. Provide training and development to the SHS
15. Share and use data to inform SHS practice






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