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Many Australians are deeply concerned about the rising number of people experiencing homelessness in our country.  But many also feel at a loss about what they can do to help. Here are 7 practical, achievable things that you can do to help people doing it tough.  1. Become an advocate […]

Homelessness – how Australians can help

To mark Homelessness Week 2017, Council to Homeless Persons analysed Australian Institute of Health and Welfare data to expose trends in ‘hidden’ forms of homelessness. Just 6% of people who are experiencing homelessness are sleeping on the street. The majority are effectively invisible to society.  This data shows that hidden […]

Rise in hidden forms of homelessness triggers call for 100,000 ...

19 December, 2015 – Op Ed by Jenny Smith, CEO, Council to Homeless Persons: On paper, we Melburnians are a lucky bunch. We live in a city that for the past four years has been voted the world’s most liveable, have a well-connected public transport system, a thriving economy, good employment […]

The number of affordable homes won’t increase on their own, ...

10 December, 2015 – Op Ed by Jenny Smith, CEO, Council to Homeless Persons: Arguably one of the biggest challenges facing the homelessness and housing sector is the eternal and rarely fruitful search for available and affordable homes to support our state’s most vulnerable. Yet a report released this week […]

83,000 Melbourne homes sit vacant while homelessness soars

There is no denying that Victoria’s affordable housing crisis is putting serious pressure on our ageing social housing network. As the waiting lists for social housing grow, it causes many people to ask, what is the future of social housing in this state? This is one of many issues that […]

What is the future of social housing in Victoria? Find ...

Next Monday, 31st August, is the final day that the people who had their homes acquired as part of the East West Link development can apply to buy back their homes. There have been some applications, although the precise figure is unclear; regardless, there will be properties left over once […]

East West Link houses provide opportunity to increase social housing ...

Negative gearing has had a pretty big run in the media lately. Politicians and economists are saying it’s responsible for a housing bubble, and many are calling for it to be scrapped. In case you’re not aware, negative gearing is when someone borrows money to invest, and the total income […]

How negative gearing can encourage investment in affordable housing

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) will give people with a disability greater choice over many aspects of their lives including choices over housing arrangements. If someone wants to leave the family home or group care to live with people of their choosing for example, this will be possible under […]

Ensuring a supply of affordable and appropriate housing is crucial ...

Affordable rental properties have all but disappeared from Melbourne’s suburbs, including the outer fringe which has long been thought of as offering low-cost housing. CHP has analysed affordable rental lettings by property type since 2000 to identify where the greatest declines in affordability have occurred. For one, two and three bedroom properties, both […]

Affordable rentals disappearing from Melbourne suburbs