The latest DHHS rent report shows that Melbourne’s rental affordability is the worst on record, with just 5.7% of all rentals in Melbourne affordable to someone on a low income. Put simply, 1-in-20 rentals in Melbourne are affordable to someone on a low income compared to five years ago when 1-in-5 […]

Melbourne rental affordability worst on record

The final report of the Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence, and the Andrews’ Government’s commitment to implement all 227 recommendations represents a game changer for responses to family violence in Victoria. As such it has been well received by the homelessness and family violence sectors. Council to Homeless Persons (CHP) […]

Why we need more supply – or why the odds ...

Anti-Poverty Week – what does it cost to be homeless if you’re couchsurfing? To mark Anti-Poverty Week 2014, we are exploring how poverty leads to homelessness and homelessness entrenches poverty. We have created two fictional case studies of people experiencing homelessness and examined their living costs weighed up against their income. These […]

What does it cost to be a single parent experiencing ...

Affordable rental properties have all but disappeared from Melbourne’s suburbs, including the outer fringe which has long been thought of as offering low-cost housing. CHP has analysed affordable rental lettings by property type since 2000 to identify where the greatest declines in affordability have occurred. For one, two and three bedroom properties, both […]

Affordable rentals disappearing from Melbourne suburbs