rough sleeping

                                   When we look upon the streets, and into the parks of our towns and cities, we see the tip of the iceberg of homelessness in our community.  While those who are rough sleeping […]

A line in the sand on ending homelessness, Op Ed ...

Some local residents of Brighton East have raised objection to the development of homeless accommodation in their suburb, out of fears that it would lead to an influx of “junkies” and “ex-crims”   A story, that ran in the Herald Sun, quotes a local as saying “I have five grandkids who play outside … if […]

No room for NIMBY-ism in the battle against homelessness

The last month has seen much speculation over the future of Australia’s Census, the process that has collected information from Australian households every five years since 1911. With the aim of saving money, the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) which administers the Census, put forward a number of suggestions for […]

The five-yearly Census is critical to understanding vulnerable communities in ...

Just over a year ago, Wayne ‘Mouse’ Perry was stabbed to death while sleeping rough at Enterprise Park on the edge of the Melbourne CBD. A few weeks later a man was stabbed in a rooming house in Kew and in July last year two young people died near Ballarat […]

To end homelessness we need to change our thinking