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To mark Homelessness Week 2017, Council to Homeless Persons analysed Australian Institute of Health and Welfare data to expose trends in ‘hidden’ forms of homelessness. Just 6% of people who are experiencing homelessness are sleeping on the street. The majority are effectively invisible to society.  This data shows that hidden […]

Rise in hidden forms of homelessness triggers call for 100,000 ...

                                    An AIHW report released this month shows that 1-in-6 Victorian public housing properties are ‘underutilised,’ and 5% are overcrowded.  ‘Underutilised’ means that the properties contain spare bedrooms that are going unused by […]

Public housing is under-utilised and overcrowded

A new report stemming from the Royal Commission into Family Violence has found that Victoria needs to add 1,700 new social housing dwellings per year for the next 20 years if it is to maintain current social housing levels. Victoria’s Royal Commission into Family Violence underlined the experience of our […]

Victoria must add 1,700 new social housing dwellings per year ...

The following blog was prepared in response to an article in the Herald Sun suggesting that homelessness can be solved by building a Government-owned and operated boarding house.  Warehousing the homeless is not the answer We have made great effort to move away from the old-school model of large-scale homeless shelters. We know […]

Warehousing the homeless is not the answer

With homelessness increasing and becoming more visible, a groundswell of concern from the across the community has prompted many to develop ideas to fix the problem. These creative ideas are born of good intentions, but many miss the mark. Suggestions include converting disused office spaces and factories into temporary accommodation, […]

The best of intentions, but not always the best ideas

There is no denying that Victoria’s affordable housing crisis is putting serious pressure on our ageing social housing network. As the waiting lists for social housing grow, it causes many people to ask, what is the future of social housing in this state? This is one of many issues that […]

What is the future of social housing in Victoria? Find ...

Next Monday, 31st August, is the final day that the people who had their homes acquired as part of the East West Link development can apply to buy back their homes. There have been some applications, although the precise figure is unclear; regardless, there will be properties left over once […]

East West Link houses provide opportunity to increase social housing ...

When a high rise building in Docklands caught fire last November it put the spotlight on the issue of residential overcrowding. The building was home to hundreds more than it was equipped to take. Recently it was reported that the Melbourne City Council has hired an investigator to look into […]

High rise slums are a symptom of poor housing affordability

Affordable housing is a key ingredient in both ending homelessness for individuals and preventing it in the first place. Yet as we’ve seen in previous posts, the shortage of affordable housing in Victoria is dire, with just 8 in 100 properties rental properties in Melbourne affordable to people reliant on […]

What does it take to make social housing work?