What is the future of social housing in Victoria? Find out at the CHP conference!

There is no denying that Victoria’s affordable housing crisis is putting serious pressure on our ageing social housing network. As the waiting lists for social housing grow, it causes many people to ask, what is the future of social housing in this state? This is one of many issues that will be discussed at CHP’s conference next week at the Melbourne Town Hall. On Friday afternoon we will learn about the State Government’s plans for social housing, as well as the strategies in place for Plan Melbourne and what Melbourne would look like if we planned housing for all.

Fiona Williams, Director of Property and Asset Services at DHHS will be talking about the department’s plan for transformation of the social housing system. A series of workshops have been held recently with other sectors to determine what areas of the system need improving and how sectors can work more effectively together. Most importantly this conversation has centred around how we can grow the amount of social housing available. The notes from the most recent consultations can be found here.

Carolyn Whitzman, Professor of Urban Planning at Melbourne University will be talking about Transforming Housing, an exciting four year project that aims to expand the amount and quality of affordable housing in Australia. The core of the project focuses on developing industry partnerships that will allow for the development of innovative pilot policies and programs to do this. Details can be found on the project’s website.

The final person to speak on the future of social housing will be Peter Seamer, CEO, Metropolitan Planning Authority. Mr Seamer will explain how social housing and housing affordability fits into Plan Melbourne, the Victorian Government’s metropolitan planning strategy that will shape how the city grows over the next 40 years. The State Government is in the process of updating the current Plan Melbourne document that was released in 2014, with the aim of launching the new version earlier next year. The current document can be accessed here.

We look forward to hearing what is happening in these areas to address the problems associated with Victoria’s social housing system. All three speakers will be presenting next Friday, 18th September at CHP’s conference. You can register for the conference online but get in quick because there are just a few spots left!