Homelessness Election Platform 2018

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Skyrocketing rents, low social housing stock and rising poverty is driving homelessness in every town and suburb across Victoria. But there are solutions to overcome the crisis.

With the right measures in place, we know that homelessness is preventable, early intervention achievable and that keeping people housed is possible.

The Council to Homeless Persons has developed a blueprint for solving homelessness – the Victorian Homelessness Election Platform. Now we’re looking for the political leadership to implement it.



Homelessness Heat Map

An interactive view of homelessness in Victoria including the amounts and different forms of homelessness

Electorate Profiles

A snapshot of homelessness in every Victorian electorate


Take Action

 Resources to help you campaign State election candidates to adopt the Platform’s recommendations



Calls for action


A housing system that works 1. Build 3,000 new public and community housing dwellings per year for the
next ten years.
2. Ensure 1,500 of the 3,000 new public and community housing dwellings are
one or two bedroom homes
Closing the Gap on Aboriginal Homelessness 3. Expand homelessness service delivery in prevention, early intervention, and
ongoing support capacity delivered by Aboriginal Community Controlled
The importance of a community; support to prevent homelessness 4. Recurrently fund the successful Private Rental Assistance Program.
5. Prevent exits to homelessness — by delivering dedicated housing and
support packages to people leaving prison and acute health and mental
health services.
6. Prevent evictions into homelessness — by delivering tenancy focused legal
support for vulnerable tenants at risk of homelessness.
A stable home and a brief period of supports: intervening early to end homelessness 7. Improve the health and wellbeing of people living in marginal
accommodation by providing outreach support.
8. Increase Housing Establishment Fund (HEF) funding or flexible funding to
reflect increased demand and costs of crisis accommodation.
Ending chronic homelessness; stable affordable housing and long-term support 9. Deliver targeted housing for people experiencing chronic homelessness.
10. Deliver post-housing support to people exiting chronic homelessness.
Child and youth homelessness; it’s time for a joined up approach 11. Prevent youth homelessness by delivering family reconciliation programs
across Victoria.
12. Deliver support to young people who are couchsurfing to assist them to
stabilise a safe living arrangement and continue their education.
13. Extend education-focussed supports for young people in out of home care
to include young people experiencing homelessness.
14. Reform legislation to guarantee housing and support to young people
leaving care until the age of 21.
15. Extend youth refuge and education focussed supported accommodation
options across Victoria so all young people who need them can access
these in their local community.
16. Deliver housing subsidies for young people to support their capacity to
move to independent housing options.
17. Deliver intensively supported accommodation options for young people
who are homeless and have highly complex needs.