Housing services

The main housing-related response to homelessness in Victoria is provided by community organisations that take on the role of Transitional Housing Managers (THM). There are 19 THMs across Victoria.

THMs manage transitional housing, which are houses people can stay in while they are waiting for a safe, secure long- term housing option. These housing options include social housing (public and community housing) and private rental.

There are approximately 3,700 transitional houses across Victoria. When in transitional housing people are usually supported by a homelessness support service.

Most THMs also help people with housing advice and assistance to find crisis and longer- term accommodation.

To assist with this, THMs manage the Housing Establishment Fund, or HEF as it is more often called. This is money the government provides to pay for crisis accommodation and rent arrears.

 To deliver this service housing assistance THMs have what are called initial assessment and planning (IAP) workers.

There is more information about this role in The Opening Doors Framework section of this website.