Resources and research

CHP draws on the latest research—as well as consumer experiences and sector consultation—to inform policy makers about solutions to homelessness.  

This section provides links to homelessness research and resources.

Victorian Homelessness Conference Summary Papers

CHP Conference 2017
The 2017 Victorian Homelessness Conference was a sold-out event featuring renowned international and Australian experts on homelessness.  Closely examined were the successes of Housing First and, after-care models adopted by some European countries  This page includes presentation notes and documents from some of our speakers. 

CHP Conference 2015
CHP is pleased to report that the 2015 conference was a resounding success. Over the 17th & 18th September, issues around homelessness were discussed in detail with persepctives from community, the private sector and government both locally and internationally. Of course, homelessness was discussed, but there was also a focus on Victoria’s housing affordability crisis that has intensified since the last conference in 2013. This page includes presentation notes and documents from some of our speakers.  

CHP Conference 2013
The CHP Conference 2013: A vision for ending homelessness was held in Melbourne on 2-3 May. The conference brought together leaders from the community, government, private and philanthropic sectors to explore solutions to homelessness and to paint a picture of what the future response to homelessness might look like. This page contains presentations from local and international speakers.

National Homelessness Conference Presentations 

The 2018 National Homelessness Conference, presenting the theme ‘Ending homelessness together’, delivered a wealth of evidence and information on ways to understand, reduce and alleviate homelessness. Presentations are available from the AHURI website


Does Camping Count – Children and Homelessness Report

The Does Camping Count report highlights the social, health and educational impacts of homelessness on children. The Salvation Army Crossroads Network commissioned this research in partnership with Council to Homeless Persons, Family Access Network, Melbourne City Mission and the University of Melbourne.


Peer Education Support Program (PESP) Evaluation

An evaluation of the Peer Education Support Program (PESP) is now available. It is the first evaluation of its kind in Victoria. 


2013: A framework for ending homelessness

In December 2013, CHP released this report in response to the Victorian Homelessness Action Plan. This report is based on extensive research, consultation with 115 individuals from over 80 services, and outlines the service types and intervention needed to end homelessness in Victoria.


2017: Ending chronic homelessness: A permanent supportive housing solution

The Housing First/ permanent supportive housing approach has now been rigorously trialled and evaluated in the USA, Canada, Europe, and Australia. This report details the need for a permanent supportive housing response in Victoria and the critical elements to ensuring that the response meets the needs of this highly vulnerable client group.