The Victorian Homelessness Media Awards

The Victorian Homelessness Media Awards

We want to recognise outstanding reporting on homelessness.

Stories told by writers and reporters are vital in changing public perceptions of homelessness, and enhancing understanding of the causes and solutions.

The Victorian Homelessness Media Awards recognise and encourage outstanding, responsive and respectful reporting in relation to homelessness and related social issues.

Applicants have the chance to share in a $6500 prize pool.

About the Awards

The media wields significant power to shape and influence understandings of homelessness and to drive positive community conversations about the causes of homelessness. Productive conversations focus on the systemic issues that underlie homelessness.

The Council to Homeless Persons (CHP) is the Victorian peak body for homelessness. With the support of the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation CHP has established the Victorian Homelessness Media Awards program.

The Victorian Homelessness Media Awards recognise and encourage outstanding, responsive, and respectful reporting of homelessness with four Awards categories across Breaking News, Long-form, Opinion and Student / Early Career journalism

Homelessness does not exist in a vacuum. It intersects with mental health, family violence, the justice system, ineffective social policy and housing affordability, so the awards are also interested in entries that explore these intersections.

Media portrayals of homelessness also play a critical role in how people experiencing homelessness see themselves, and their place in the community. Myths and stereotypes about homelessness are often perpetuated through media reporting,

Read the CHP Media guidelines for reporting on homelessness.