Media releases

Media releases 2020

15 February: Children are being removed from Aboriginal women escaping family violence because shortage of social housing leaves no safe options

23 January: 1 in 2 low income private renters are in rent stress as Victoria’s social housing expenditure still remains the lowest in the country, new data shows

Media releases 2019

18 December: New data reveals that 105 Victorians are turned away from homelessness services daily, highest rate in the country

18 December: Victims of family violence stranded and without a home, new data reveals (Homelessness Australia)

16 December: MEDIA ALERT New data on homelessness services to be released on Wednesday: Homelessness peak available for analysis and comment

3 December: A Royal Commission into veteran suicide must also address rising veteran homelessness (Homelessness Australia)

28 November: More than one in six people using public mental health services face homelessness, but opportunity missed to identify the need for housing options

22 November: Treasury ‘’deed’’ an opportunity to immediately reduce homelessness

12 November: Minimum standards in rental properties essential to protect tenants’ health and prevent homelessness in Victoria

31 October: More social housing is needed to prevent and treat mental illness

29 October: New national data shows homelessness that homelessness in older people is highest in Victoria

14 October: Young Australian couchsurfers and refuge dwellers will become tomorrow’s rough sleepers without intervention, warns Canadian homelessness expert

13 October: Blankets and shelters won’t end homelessness, warns Canadian expert

12 October: Australians to learn from Canadian approach to ending homelessness at conference

7 September: Reducing homelessness among prison leavers would reduce recidivism and prison spending

29 August: Clear connection between homelessness and inadequate Newstart payments, says Homelessness Australia

26 August: Boosting public housing in Brunswick West

9 August: Council to Homeless Persons welcomes Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry into Homelessness

6 August: Should Australia have  a law to prevent homelessness

5 August: Federal Government spending on social housing and homelessness has declined in real terms (Homelessness Australia)

18 July: Homelessness will increase as social housing proportion falls

18 July: Latest AIHW data shows impact of declining federal investment in social housing (Homelessness Australia)

20 June: Tasmania leading the way on collaborative efforts to ease the homelessness crisis (Homelessness Australia)

6 June: March quarter rental report shows housing crisis continues in Victoria

30 May: New report reveals increase in homelessness after prison  (Homelessness Australia)

30 May: During Reconciliation Week 2019 we recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people without a home in Victoria

27 May: Homelessness Initiatives welcome, but more action needed to deliver social housing 

27 May: Only social housing will get Victorians off the street

22 May: Outreach to rooming houses a Victorian Budget priority to save lives

16 April: Thousands of young Victorians still homeless after seeking homelessness help

14 April: Family violence victim-survivors at risk of homelessness if Victorian Government doesn’t re-fund rapid-rehousing program in state budget

21 March: National Close the Gap Day: CHP and AHV call on Federal and State Governments to address social housing shortages that hit Indigenous Australians the hardest

6 March: State Budget must rectify neglect of social housing

3 Februar:y Australian workers seeking homelessness assistance in greater numbers

22 January: 200 fewer Victorian social housing units since 2014, despite homelessness state of emergency: new figures

Media releases 2018

14 December: Women and families flood Victorian homelessness services as housing crisis continues

14 December: 1-in-85 Australians sought homelessness help in 2017-18 (Homelessness Australia)

13 December: Dubious report denies reality of people living without a home

29 November: Single working parents locked entirely out of metropolitan Melbourne rental market

24 November: 70% increase in number of women seeking homelessness assistance due to family violence

17 November: New funding will help ease LGBTIQ homelessness

15 November: Social housing should return to ‘early post-war period’ levels

11 November: More dedicated housing for prisoners would reduce re-offending and homelessness

29 October: From hospital into homelessness

17 October: homelessness peak welcomes public housing announcement

12 October: Everybody’s Home alliance demands ‘a Whittlesea a year’ to end social housing crisis

17 September: Heat map reveals worst State electorates for homelessness

17 September: Heat Map reveals true picture of homelessness in regional Victoria

7 September: Peak applauds new rental laws that will reduce homelessness

6 August: Not just straight white males: gay, migrant, Muslim, homeless

5 August: How Finland ended homelessness… and why Australian hasn’t

3 August: Sex-for-rent a worrying trend as women run out of housing options

30 July: 38,000 Victorians waiting for a home – more in urgent need

19 July: Homelessness Week events in suburban and regional areas

4 July: Local councils bear the burden of political inaction on homelessness

20 June: Counting homeless deaths

17 June: Rental vacancies plummet

15 June: Homes fix homelessness, not laws

5 June: 25,000 children among the thousands of Victorians waiting for social housing

16 May: CHP calls for a bipartisan approach to homelessness

9 May: Homelessness Australia: Federal Budget ‘Short-sighted and heartless’

1 May: State Budget falls short in boosting low-cost housing

23 April: Crisis levels of one and two bedroom rentals in Melbourne

22 April: Over 1,300 Australians went from psychiatric care to homelessness, AIHW data shows

18 April: Young couch surfers worse off than those sleeping rough, new research reveals

15 April: Census reveals 10,813 homeless Uni and TAFE students

14 March: Homelessness increase no surprise; homelessness is not a Federal priority

14 March: Victoria calls for better funding deal, as Census shows surge in older people’s homelessness, couch-surfing, severe overcrowding

6 March: Politicians cross swords while Ashburton public housing estate remains vacant

2 March: Being evicted is bad for your health; be wary of weakening rental laws that protect tenants

22 February: Number of wage earners seeking homelessness help has risen 30% in three years

11 February: Surge in evictions prompts calls for Stamp Duty revenue to fund more social housing

5 February: Welfare Reform Bill will cause a flood of homelessness

2 February: Vacant land sitting idle does nothing in fight against homelessness

13 January: Rough sleeping action plan a ‘critical turning point’ in solving homelessness

9 January: ‘Chaos’ of homelessness jeopardising the education of thousands of kids


Media releases 2017

1 December: Homelessness services brace as wild weather hits

29 November: Households on $50K must live 115km out of Melbourne to avoid rent stress: report

25 October: Federal Government needs to address lack of social housing, not put national funding at risk for housing and homelessness services

2 October: Decline in Victorian Rental increases urgency for Federal investment in public and community housing 

26 September: Homelessness peak welcomes Lord Mayor’s practical approach to rough sleeping

14 September: Victorian Homelessness Award winners announced

14 September: 2-in-3 rough sleepers are in the suburbs and regional areas

13 September: Victorian Homelessness Conference kicks off

10 September: How Finland ended homelessness and why Australia is failing

20 August: Move-on laws failed in Sydney and will fail in Melbourne

18 August: No room for NIMBY-ism in battle against homelessness

7 August: More older women couch surfing as private rental squeezes them out

7 August: Analysis of data reveals rapid increase in ‘hidden’ homelessness – couch surfing, sleeping in cars

5 August: Rental affordability in traditionally ‘cheap’ areas plummets

7 July: Rental affordability worst on record

28 June: Why are people sleeping rough in Victoria?

27 June: Poverty porn or investigative journalism? Response to SBS program

27 June: Census confirms deepening rental crisis

14 June Preventing evictions public housing stops homelessness in its tracks

30 May: Revolving door of homelessness spinning faster: 4,000 people sought homeless help post-prison last year

18 May: Federal Government needs to plan to grow social housing in housing ministers meeting

17 May: Just seven Melbourne suburbs where single parents on a low income can avoid ‘Severely Unaffordable’ rents

9 May: Homelessness will rise under unfair Federal Budget

2 May: Victorian Government invests to address homelessness but peak warns homelessness could still increase without Federal Government action

21 April: Homelessness Australia applauds ALP housing affordability announcement

10 April: National peak body calls for urgent action on homelessness

6 April: 54 CEOs join together to make final appeal to City of Melbourne to abandon proposed homeless bylaws 

5 April: Youth homelessness too often is hidden

28 March: Caravan park closures drive homelessness

17 March: 39,000 Australian schoolkids sought homeless help last year

15 March: Proposed homeless ban cause for concern – UN Expert

7 March: 2-in-3 people seeking homelessness help are women

6 March: Victorian Government Housing Strategy will improve affordability; now the Federal Government needs to step up the plate

26 February: Proposed ‘zero-day’ evictions will lead to more homelessness

23 February: Victorian Government responds to urgent need for social housing with a $1 billion social housing growth fund

16 February: Low-income renters suffer as ‘rent down’ phenomenon creates fierce competition 

10 February: Homelessness Australia: We must fix homelessness, not throw up our hands

6 February: Homeless agencies call on Melbourne City Councillors to reject homeless laws that have failed elsewhere

20 January: Homelessness agencies insist that making rough sleeping illegal will not solve the homelessness problem

18 January: Open letter from 36 CEOs – Moving on the homeless doesn’t make them disappear


Media releases 2016

15 December: Federal Government needs a plan to respond to the massive increase in homeless families

9 December: Twelve-month funding extension a welcome first step, but still a long way to go in turning around rising homelessness and family violence in Australia

6 December: 209 welfare leaders sign open letter calling on Prime Minister to save homelessness programs from closure

6 December: Open letter to Prime Minister Turnbull from 209 CEOs calling for an end to funding uncertainty

24 November: Peak body for homelessness welcomes 10-year plan for ending family violence

23 November: Peak calls for 10,000 one-bedroom homes for 10,000 homeless singles

12 November: New funds to help thousands of people experiencing homelessness

9 November: Young mum to deliver petitions from 40,000 Australians calling on the Federal Government to prioritise homelessness funding and reform to avert looming crisis

4 November: Welfare chiefs warn Ministers of a looming spike in homelessness in face of Federal funding cuts

28 October: Federal homelessness funding the elephant in the room at COAG Summit on Family Violence

19 October: Calls for begging to be decriminalised

12 October: Rooming house residents living in poverty, paying exorbitant rents

4 October: Infrastructure Victoria’s 30,000 new affordable homes will tackle homelessness head-on

2 October: Single working women locked out of renting in Melbourne

2 September: 1-in-20 renters don’t have a working toilet: Crackdown on shoddy rentals overdue

30 August: 1-in-4 low income renters will be living on $23/day if $4.40 Newstart energy supplement is cut

24 August: Not housing rough sleepers is costing Victoria $19 million p.a.

29 July: Connecting app users with the hidden faces and places of homelessness

18 July: Homelessness support funding announced

17 June: Vote Home campaign achieves a win with two major parties now committed to significant actions to address the housing and homelessness crisis

9 June: Low-income family asks for community support in calling for more affordable housing options

19 May: Vote Home in bid to end the housing crisis

17 May: Don’t blame the individual when lack of housing is the real problem

11 May: People who are homeless living on our streets need support not vilification

27 April: Budget will make a real difference to people in housing crisis and experiencing homelessness

21 April: Affordable housing and adequate incomes are long-term solutions to food insecurity, not simply food, says CHP