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Parity 2019

March: The Future of Crisis Accommodation

April: The Inner and the Outer and Beyond

May: Homelessness: Diversity and Inclusion

June: Criminalising Homelessness; No Shelter from the Law

July: Overcrowding: Too Much of Nothing

August: Homelessness: Death and Dying

September: New Directions in Homelessness Research

October: Preventing and Sustaining Exits from Youth Homelessness in Canada


Parity 2018

March: The Future of Women’s Refuges

Parity 2017

March – I Shall Be Released: Post-Release and Homelessness

April –  Giving Voice: Young People Experiencing and Responding to Homelessness

May –  Revisiting Homelessness Data

June – The NDIS, Housing and Homelessness

July – Poverty and Homelessness

August – The Future of National Homelessness Policy

September: Current Issues in Housing Tenure

October – Responding to Homelessness in Aotearoa New Zealand

November – Responding to Homelessness in Queensland

December – Victorian Homelessness Conference edition


Parity 2016

February –  From Leaving Care to Extending Care: Preventing the Transition to Homelessness

March – Beyond Emergency Food: Responding to food insecurity and homelessness

April – The future of youth homelessness support

May –  Royal Commission into Family Violence: Recommendations and Responses

June – Responding to Homelessness in Outer Metropolitan Areas

July – The Role of Community Development in Responding to Homelessness

August – Children and Homelessness – Protecting the Most Vulnerable: 

September – Responding to Indigenous Homelessness in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand

October – Sustaining a Home – The Future of Housing Support

November – Responding to Homelessness in New South Wales


Parity 2015

February – Reach Out: The Role of Homelessness Outreach

March – Responding to Rural and Regional Homelessness

April – Too Much Too Young: “Responding to Young People at Risk of Homelessness”

May – It Has to Stop: Homelessness Violence

June – Dear Landlord: Private Renting and Homelessness

July – What is to be Done: The Challenge of Responding to Elderly Homelessness

August – New Responses to Family Homelessness

October – Role of Community Housing in Responding to Homelessness

November – Responding to Homelessness in South Australia

December – The Victorian Homelessness Conference edition


Parity 2014

February –  Innovation in Mental Health and Homelessness

March – Foyers and Families: Housing Approaches to Supporting Young People

May – Housing Insecurity and Homelessness

June – Housing, Homelessness and Disability

Jul – Education, Employment, Recreation and Volunteering

August –  From Outputs to Outcomes: A New Approach to Ending Homelessness

September – National Homelessness Conference Edition

October –  Homelessness and the Law: Access to Justice

November – Living in Limbo: Asylum Seekers and Homelessness


Parity 2013

February – Health and Homelessness Revisited

March –Finding a Way Out: Women and Children Escaping Domestic Violence

April – Young People Mental Health and Homelessness

May – What Works: Policy, Program and Service Responses to Aboriginal Homelessness 

July – Public and Community Housing: Survival and Sustainability

August – Preventing Homelessness

September – Reforming Homelessness Services

October – Local Government and Homelessness

November – New Directions in Understanding Homelessness


Parity 2012

April – The Philanthropic, Corporate and Private Sector Response to Homelessness

May – Policing Homelessness

June – New Responses to Youth Homelessness

July – Consumer Participation in the Response to Homelessness

August –  Ending Long-Term Homelessness

October – Models of Service Integration

November – Funding the Future: The National Partnership Agreements

December – Responding to Homelessness in Western Australia


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