June 2019: Criminalising Homelessness; No Shelter from the Law

Contents for June 2019 Issue: Criminalising Homelessness; No Shelter from the Law


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Jenny Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Council to Homeless Persons


Feature: Criminalising Homelessness

Stuck in the Feedback Loop News Media, Local Government Policy and the Criminalisation of Visible Homelessness

Alison Young and James Petty


Part 1

Closing the Revolving Door: Breaking the Cycle Between Imprisonment and Homelessness

Jemma Donaghey, Lawyer and Samantha Sowerwine, Principal Lawyer, Justice Connect Homeless Law


Section 28: Criminalising the Young and Homeless

Natalia Gale, Sector Projects and Policy Officer, Yfoundations


The Criminalisation of Homelessness: An Australian Capital Territory Perspective

Farzana Choudhury, Street Law Program Manager and Solicitor, Canberra Community Law


Stopping the Spiral of Criminalisation: Increasing Diversion of People Experiencing Homelessness Out of the Criminal Justice System

Michael McKenna, Senior Criminal Lawyer, Justice Connect Homeless Law


Fare Evasion in Queensland —Compounding Inequity and the Need to Improve Social Inclusion on Public Transport

Paula Hughes, Senior Lawyer and Kurt Maroske, Project Officer, LawRight


Place and Displace in Cairns: The Use of Banning Orders

Renee Lees, Senior Lawyer, LawRight Homeless Persons’ Legal Clinic, Cairns


Consumer Voices

Consumer Voices is a regular feature in Parity. Articles are written by and with consumers to ensure they have a say about the issues that directly affect them.

John Kenney, PESP Team Graduate


It was a dark night in the middle of winter…

Nigel Pernu, CHP PESP Member


Part 2

National Study on the Criminalisation of Homelessness and Poverty

Tamara Walsh, Luke McNamara, Julia Quilter and Thalia Anthony


Addressing the Bail Fail for ACT’s Homelessness Population

Michelle Barclay, Street Law Solicitor, Canberra Community Law


Criminalisation of Homelessness Among Sydney’s Rough Sleepers

Maddy Humphreys, Project Officer, Homeless Persons’ Legal Service, Public Interest Advocacy Centre


The Outsiders: More Than One Way to Criminalise Homelessness

Leanne Wood, Research, Social Policy and Advocacy Advisor, Anglicare Southern Queensland and Trinity Commons, Adam Barnes, Team Leader Justice and Housing, Homelessness Services, Anglicare Southern Queensland, Rees Maddren, Services Manager, Insync Youth Services/Insync Food Services, Anglicare Southern Queensland, Ciara Bourke, Recovery Practitioner, Homelessness Services, Anglicare Southern Queensland


A Specialist Homelessness Court for Victoria

Lloyd Murphy, Lawyer, Inner Melbourne Community Legal


Criminalising People Who Are Homeless?

Eoin O’Sullivan, Department of Social Studies, Trinity College Dublin


Growing Stronger: Junction Celebrates 40 Years of Alternatives to Enforcement‑based Responses to Homelessness and Poverty

Dr Tracey Dodd, Research Fellow, University of Adelaide and Danielle Gordon, Communications Manager, Junction



Samantha Sowerwine and Cameron Lavery

Justice Connect Homeless Law