May 2019 Issue: Homelessness: Diversity and Inclusion

Contents for April 2019 Issue: The Inner and the Outer and Beyond: Comparing and Contrasting inner city, outer suburban and regional youth homelessness


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Jenny Smith, Chief Executive Officer, Council to Homeless Persons


Chapter 1: Homelessness: Lived Experience


Consumer Voices

Consumer Voices is a regular feature in Parity. Articles are written by and with consumers to ensure they have a say about the issues that directly affect them.


Beyond Diversity and Inclusion is Accessibility in the First Place

Morgan Lee Cataldo, Project Officer Youth Engagement, Berry Street


Chicken Schnitzel Rolls with Lettuce and Mayo

Kirra-Alyssa Horley, Lived Experience Consultant, Y-Change, Berry Street


Damien’s Story
Lived Experience with Homelessness and LGBTIQ+ Client Advocacy

Interview with Damien, VincentCare Community Volunteer


We are Here: Stories of Home, Place and Belonging

Dr Meg Mundell, Deakin University


The Misnamed River

Declan Furber Gillick


A Place to Call Home

Jody Letts


Return to the Wild

Gavriil Aleksandrs


Chapter 2: Issues in the Response to the Needs of Diverse Groups


A Call to Action: Housing Equity for Trans, Gender Diverse and Non‑Binary People

Starlady, ZBGC and Jennifer Tobin, cohealth


The Gender Dynamics at Play Around Housing Crisis

Jeanette Large, CEO, Women’s Property Initiatives


Developments in Responding to LGBTQ+ Homelessness in Australia and the United States

Cal Andrews, Department of General Practice, University of Melbourne, Jama Shelton, Silberman School of Social Work, Hunter College, Ruth McNair, Department of General Practice, University of Melbourne


From the Personal to the Policy

Gabriel Aleksandrs, Senior Policy and Strategic Manager, Drummond Street Services


Status Resolution Support Services Cuts Lead to Homelessness for People Seeking Asylum

Sherrine Clark, Director of Humanitarian Services and Lauren Crook, General Access Program Manager, Asylum Seeker Resource Centre


Emerging Awareness of the Intersection Between LGBTIQ+ Homelessness and Legal Needs

Samantha Senior, Justice Connect Homeless Law


Home but Not Housed: Professional Perspectives on Managing Refugee Housing Needs

Dr Kudzai Kanhutu, Refugee Health Fellow 2016-2018, Royal Melbourne Hospital


Victorian Arabic Social Services and Housing

Kirstin Lobo, Victorian Arabic Social Services


‘Didn’t feel heard, didn’t think I had a voice, didn’t feel safe’
Gender Responsive Strategies for Assisting Women Experiencing Long-term and Recurrent Homelessness

Jane Bullen, Social Researcher


A Positive Need for Housing Plus

Carolyn Gillespie, Director of Services, Thorne Harbour Health*


Diversity in Practice

Josh Darvill, Manager and Support Service, VincentCare


Chapter 3: Promoting Inclusiveness and Diversity


Achieving Inclusivity: Diversity Strategy into Action

Lisa Sammut, Senior Practitioner Quality and Diversity, VincentCare


Keeping it Local for Diversity and Inclusion: The potential for local governments to respond to homelessness as part of promoting diversity and inclusion

Anne Barton, Policy Advisor Housing and Homelessness, Community Partnerships, Yarra City Council


‘A Very Brave Step’: VincentCare and Rainbow Tick Accreditation

Jac Tomlins, Project Coordinator, Gender and Sexuality, VincentCare Victoria


Inclusionary Planning is Important, but it Needs to Include More than Price

Dr Steven Curry, Senior Research and Policy Officer, Consumer Policy Research Centre


Our Journey to Rainbow Tick Accreditation

Amanda Willimott, Integrated Communication and Channel Manager, VincentCare Victoria




Ro Allen

Victorian Commissioner for Gender and Sexuality


Councillor Danae Bosler

Mayor Yarra City Council


Quinn Pawson

Chief Executive Officer, VincentCare Victoria