Parliamentary Inquiry into Homelessness

Victoria is having a Parliamentary Inquiry into Homelessness. They will be investigating the causes of homelessness, and what can be done about it.


Council to Homeless Persons believes that everybody should have their say on what’s needed to end homelessness.


In December 2019, we ran a Forum for People Without a Home to support people to make submissions to the Inquiry. Some resources from the forum are included on this page.


A guide to submissions

Watch the video below to learn more about submissions, including instructions and tips on how to write a submission, from CHP’s Policy and Advocacy Officer Damien Patterson. Plus, hear from our PESP Team Leader Cassandra Bawden, and PESP graduate Jody Letts.



What to include in a submission

The most important thing when writing a submission is to make recommendations. You can use your insights to help Parliament see what they should be doing about homelessness, and to determine what happens next.

To formulate your recommendations, it may be useful to consider:


  • Think of a time when you had a home but were about to lose it. What might have changed things? What might have helped you to avoid homelessness?

  • Think of a time when you didn’t have a home. What might have changed things for you?


The answers to these questions are your recommendations, and are important to include in your submission.


Make a submission

To make a submission to the Parliamentary Inquiry into Homelessness visit the Committee’s webpage and fill out their online form.

CHP has also developed a template to help you make your submission. We’re encouraging anybody who is or has been without a home, and wants a quick and easy guide to use this template.

We’re also encouraging homelessness workers and advocates working with people without a home to help out by providing this template, and sending it through on their behalf.


How to submit

Submission can be emailed to [email protected] or posted to:

Parliament of Victoria

Legislative Council, Legal and Social Issues Committee

Parliament House, Spring St



Working together, we can ensure that people without a home have a chance to tell Parliament what it takes to end homelessness.