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Training for businesses and government

Supporting the growth of informed workplaces

Are you a government, business, or not-for-profit leader?

You are in a unique position to help enhance understandings of homelessness in your workplace and beyond.

Council to Homeless Persons offers a range of training activities and events for your team, whether in-person or online, to help better understand homelessness and develop local solutions. We are also happy to support the facilitation of your own training ideas.

To enquire about an an activity, or for more information, email [email protected]

Connect Respect

Connect Respect is a resource and training package to inform businesses in the City of Melbourne who have direct contact with people without a home.

It has been developed with the City of Melbourne, Victoria Police, Melbourne CBD businesses, specialist homelessness service providers, and people with experience of being without a home.

Walk in my Shoes

Walk in my Shoes is a tour led by a person with experience of not having a home, to explore sites of personal significance for them. Tours are designed to give an insight into people lives, while countering stereotypes of homelessness.

Council to Homeless Persons is able to facilitate in-person or virtual Walk in my Shoes tours.

Understanding Homelessness training

Our Understanding Homelessness training provides a comprehensive overview of key homelessness issues, from the perspective of individuals who have lived it.

This training is presented by the Council to Homeless Persons Peer Education Support Program (PESP) team members.

Who can benefit from training?

Every workplace can benefit from the perspective of people without a home.

If you work in government, homelessness, or allied sectors, creating appropriate and sustainable solutions to ending homelessness is only possible by working closely with people who have experience of not having a home.

From making improvements to the homelessness service system, to campaigning for housing policy change – the agenda for every part of Victoria’s specialist homelessness sector must be set by those who understand the issues most.

If your organisation is not directly involved with the homelessness system, your team can benefit from developing an understanding of homelessness from the people who have lived experience – you would be surprised where solutions and ideas might arise.

Do you work in the homelessness sector?

If you work in the sector and are seeking learning opportunities, the SHS Learning Program is for you.

A resource dedicated to building the capacity of the Victorian specialist homelessness sector, the SHS Learning Program reflects the current and future needs of the workforce.

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