Enter one of four VHMA categories

Entries to the Victorian Homelessness Media Awards can be submitted into one of four categories.

Browse the categories below to determine which one would be the most suitable for your experience level, location, and the entry you would like to submit.

Once you have decided, be sure to read our eligibility guidelines to check you meet the requirements.

Best news journalism

A report prompted by an incident, event, report, or announcement. This category recognises that news reporting is often limited by tighter deadlines and shorter word counts – though entries don’t need to be short to be eligible.

Entries to this category will be judged on accuracy, balance, fairness, and the ability to improve the reader’s understanding of homelessness – both causes and solutions.

Best feature journalism

An original feature or long-form journalism that conveys a significant depth of understanding of homelessness, and gives a deep examination of its causes and impacts. This category can include written features, documentaries, essays, opinion pieces, and digital content.

This category recognises that that feature and investigative journalism is less restricted by short deadlines, and provides an opportunity for compelling stories or deeper analysis and investigation. Judges will be looking for storytelling, originality, and high standards of research.

Best regional / suburban journalism

A report broadcast or published via a Victorian regional or suburban media outlet that examines the issue of homelessness from a localised perspective.

Entries to this category may be news reports or feature, investigative, and opinion journalism, and will be judged according to the relevant criteria.

Best student / early career journalism

Reports or features produced by students or early career journalists. Students must be in their second year or later to be eligible, and have been studying at any point between 1 July 2021 and 30 June 2022.

Early career journalists are defined as those who have been working for less than two years.

Which category should you enter?

Use our category flowchart to learn which category you should enter depending on your situation and the story you would like to submit.

Previous winners

To get a sense of previous entrants and the stories they submitted, you can browse our finalists and winners from previous years.