Victorian Homelessness Achievement Awards

The biennial Victorian Homelessness Achievement Awards celebrate the exceptional efforts of workers, consumers and organisations within the homelessness sector.

Below you’ll find a list of the 2023 awards which are now open for nominations. We encourage you to nominate a colleague that you believes deserves recognition.

Nominations close at 9am Monday October 9. If you would like more information on the awards, please contact Damien Patterson, Policy and Advocacy Officer at damien@chp.org.au.

Leading Practitioner Award

This award recognises a leading practitioner in the homelessness sector. It will be awarded to an individual who is a passionate advocate for their client and leads the way in ensuring that the response offering fits the individual, rather than requiring individuals to fit available response offerings. They will have demonstrated a willingness to go the extra mile, to keep the individual at the centre of their practice and to engage clients in building their own solutions.

Consumer Achievement Award

This award will recognise an individual who has experienced homelessness and has made an outstanding contribution to improve the lives of others experiencing homelessness in Victoria.

Beth Thomson Lifetime Achievement Award

This award recognises an individual who, over the course of their career, has demonstrated commitment and leadership in the provision of effective and empowering responses to homelessness in Victoria.

Awards for Excellence in Ending Homelessness

These awards will recognise programs, organisations or partnerships that have made an outstanding contribution to preventing or ending homelessness among different groups of people in Victoria.

Victorian Homelessness Conference

The Victorian Homelessness Achievement Awards are announced at the Victorian Homelessness Conference.

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