Parity, Australia’s national homelessness publication

Parity magazine is Council to Homeless Persons national publication, examining homelessness from personal, local, social and global perspectives. 

Published ten times a year—usually between February and November—each edition of Parity is devoted to the examination and discussion of a specific theme or set of issues connected to homelessness.

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The 2019 Publications Schedule*

March: The Future of Crisis Accommodation

April: The Inner and the Outer and Beyond: Comparing and Contrasting inner, outer suburban and regional youth homelessness

May: Homelessness and Inclusiveness and Diversity

June: Criminalising Homelessness: To Live Outside the Law

July: Overcrowding: Too Much of Nothing

August: Homelessness: Death and Dying

September:  New Directions in Homelessness Research

October: Responding to Youth Homelessness in Canada

November: Responding to Homelessness in Tasmania

December: The Future of Aboriginal and Maori Housing

*This schedule is correct at the time of publishing but can be subject to change