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Solutions to homelessness

We can end homelessness in Victoria

Just as there is no single cause of homelessness, there is no single solution. Homelessness is impacted by large structural forces such as poverty, housing affordability, and social disadvantage. Therefore, it requires partnership and collaboration from a range of agencies to solve.

Someone may be without a home only once and need minimal support to secure a long-term property, while for others it may occur more frequently or their needs may be more complex. That’s why a range of prevention, support, and advocacy services are required to end homelessness in Victoria and Australia for good.

Social and affordable housing

Ending homelessness in Victoria is only possible with affordable, secure, and adequate housing.

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Housing First

Learn about the international model for providing housing and support for people without a home.

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Specialist support services

Victoria has a range of services that can respond to the needs of people without a home.

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Income support

Victoria’s housing costs are rising. Find out how adequate income support can help to end homelessness.

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Campaigning and advocacy

Ending homelessness in Victoria requires action from state and federal governments – and everyone has a role to play in making this happen.

Campaigning for change is one of the most effective ways to make your voice heard and to forge impactful solutions with and for people experiencing homelessness.

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