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About homelessness

Homelessness facts, stats, and insights

What is homelessness?

Homelessness is far more than “rooflessness”. Homelessness means being without a secure stable and private space to live.

The majority of people without a home live in temporary, insecure, or unsafe housing situations such as rooming houses, cars, or government-funded crisis accommodation. Other people live in severely overcrowded accommodation, or are couch surfing with family or friends.

This is often called “hidden homelessness” because, while more common than rough sleeping, it typically goes unnoticed or is misunderstood.

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Data and demographics

Get the latest statistics on homelessness in Victoria and read about how homelessness impacts different people.

Causes of homelessness

Homelessness can happen to anyone, for a range of reasons. Learn about the leading causes of homelessness in Victoria.

Solutions to homelessness

Solving homelessness should be a top priority for our governments. Discover some of the ways this can be achieved.

Victoria’s homelessness and housing system

There is a range of support available for people without a home. Learn how Victoria’s homelessness and housing system works.

Homelessness In Australia: An Introduction

What is homelessness? What causes it? Who is counted as being without a home?

Homelessness In Australia: An Introduction is the first book of its kind to explore the complex causes and consequences of homelessness in Australia. Leading researchers and advocates have produced this foundational resource to set the benchmark for the analysis of homelessness in Australia.

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