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SHS Transition Plan

Building the capacity of the Victorian homelessness sector

Victoria has a strong and vibrant homelessness sector. The SHS Transition Plan provides the opportunity for the Victorian specialist homelessness sector to build its capacity, leverage good practice, and address challenges in a strategic and systemic way.

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Looking for learning, training, and practice resources?

The SHS Learning Program provides training opportunities for Victoria’s specialist homelessness sector.

Anyone working in the sector can access subsidised training, with live training sessions and self-directed eLearning on offer.

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What is the SHS Transition Plan?

The SHS Transition Plan is the roadmap for the capacity development of the Victorian specialist homelessness sector. It is designed to be implemented over four years, from 2018 to 2022.

The plan assists the sector to build on its strengths, deliver a contemporary suite of services, meet growing demand and complexity, and achieve effective outcomes.

There are 15 goals within the plan, which the sector is supported to work towards. Each goal has an action table providing information the goal, why it is important, the future vision, relevant literature, good practice examples, and helpful resources.

Demand is increasing for Victorian specialist homelessness sector services, and rapid social, political, economic, and technological changes are impacting how the sector supports vulnerable groups. The SHS Transition Plan means that the sector can respond to these challenges in a strategic and systematic way.

How was the SHS Transition Plan developed?

The process of developing the SHS Transition plan was guided by an Executive Advisory Group, made up of leaders from across the sector and the Department of Health and Human Services.

The plan reflects a significant consultation process held during the second half of 2017, and was launched formally at the Council to Homeless Persons Future Ready Forum on 8 October 2018.

Council to Homeless Persons is appreciative of the effort made by the sector to contribute to the development of the plan in the context of many competing demands.

How is the SHS Transition Plan implemented?

The governance and operational structure of the plan involves the Executive Advisory Group and two working groups: Building Organisational Capacity and Building Workforce Capacity.

Attention has been given to ensure that all three groups offer strong cross-sector representation, ensuring that implementation of the plan is sector-driven.

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