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SHS Learning Program

Quality learning, training, and practice resources

The SHS Learning Program is designed to educate and inspire practitioners in Victoria’s Specialist Homelessness Sector through the provision of quality learning, training, and practice resources.

There are two primary modes of learning within the SHS Learning Program: live training sessions and self-directed eLearning.

Browse this page to discover current opportunities within the SHS Learning Program. Alternatively, head straight to the SHS Learning Hub to register for sessions.

Live training sessions

Live training sessions are delivered by experts from the SHS and allied services, and enable learners to take part in interactive education alongside their peers. Both online and in person sessions are currently being delivered.

To register for a session, visit the SHS Learning Hub and search for the session you would like to book.

Upcoming sessions

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The cost of caring: Preventing vicarious trauma in the workplace

This sessions will provide an understanding of the causes and symptoms of vicarious trauma, as well as current best practice in care and preventative approaches, which will assist participants in constructively managing their empathetic connections. A pre-requisite of doing this course is to have completed the Promoting Recovery Understanding Complex Trauma & Trauma-Informed Practice session.

Date: 05.12.2022

Self-directed eLearning

Self-directed eLearning courses contain one or more modules, which include a mix of required reading, guided activities, multimedia resources, links to additional resources, and further reading.

To access eLearning, visit the SHS Learning Hub and search for the eLearning you would like to book.

Featured modules

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Competence Course

This course has been developed for Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians and for people living and working anywhere within Australia. Whether you are delivering services specifically to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, someone working with the general public, or you just want to know more about the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people you live with, this course is for you.

Date: 04.12.2022

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The MARAM (Multi-Agency Risk Assessment and Management Framework) tools build on and enhance the Family Violence Risk Assessment profile by re-framing its items as risk factors under MARAM, with assessment questions designed to help professionals determine the presence of those risk factors.

Date: 04.12.2022

eLearning  / 

An overview of specialist homelessness services

To support consumers to navigate the complexity of the specialist homelessness sector (SHS), practitioners must understand how the system works, to assist people to find and maintain housing. In this eLearning module, learners can explore the history of the SHS in Victoria, roles the workforce is funded to provide, policy frameworks, and key reforms that inform the future direction of the SHS.

Date: 04.12.2022

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SHS team leadership

This course is aimed at experienced team leaders or equivalent (e.g., advanced practitioner) in the specialist homelessness sector. It is recommended that learners have at least six months in the role. It is designed to be completed alongside the SHS team leadership live training sessions, being held on 7 June and 6 July.

Date: 04.12.2022

Practice resources

To complement and enhance the knowledge gained through the SHS Learning Program, learners are encouraged to access the suite of useful practice resources created by Council to Homeless Persons.

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