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Help end homelessness in Victoria

Every person deserves a safe and secure home. But across Victoria, people are struggling with rising rents and a chronic shortage of social and affordable housing. A lack of housing that people can afford creates more homelessness, but growing demand often means that homelessness services are unable to provide support to everyone who needs it.

You can be part of the solution. Browse this page to learn how you can take action today.

Join the Everybody’s Home campaign

Everybody’s Home is the national campaign to fix Australia’s broken housing system.

Homelessness is at record levels as more and more people are struggling on Australia’s private rental market, paired with a chronic shortage of social and affordable housing.

Help us to stand up and demand that everybody has a safe place to call home.

Take seven actions to end homelessness

Many people are concerned about homelessness and the rising number of people who seek housing and homelessness services across Victoria.

If you’re looking for practical, achievable actions to support people without a home, consider taking these seven actions to end homelessness

Become an advocate

Advocacy can occur anywhere – from your local community to the global stage. Advocacy simply means actively supporting an idea or a cause, and it’s essential to help to shape our society and bring about change for good.

Find practical actions you can take below, including the resources to support your advocacy.

Talk to your MP

Sometimes, direct is best. Learn how to write to, call, or visit, your MP to discuss the issues that matter to you.

Make a submission

Learn how to create a submission to government, with the help of CHP’s policy team.

Spread the word

Get the tools to amplify your message – including social media tiles, posters, and messaging guides.

Having a home is a basic need for every human.

Amanda / CHP Peer Education Support Program (PESP) team member

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