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News and advocacy

Get in-depth knowledge of homelessness and take steps to help end it

Access to high-quality, relevant information on the causes and dimensions of homelessness is vital for creating change.

By drawing from the latest data and insights, Council to Homeless Persons produces articles, media releases, reports, and submissions to understand and explain issues of homelessness. We also run programs and campaigns to help change perceptions of homelessness and end it in Victoria for good.

Articles and media releases

Get up-to-the-minute news on Victoria’s homelessness and housing system with our media releases, articles, eNews, and sector bulletins.

Reports and submissions

Find CHP reports and submissions that examine and discuss homelessness, housing, and Victoria’s Specialist Homelessness Sector.

Take action

You can be part of the movement to end homelessness.

Find information and resources to contact your MP, social media assets, and links to petitions and campaigns that can help fix Australia’s broken housing system.

Media centre

If you are a journalist or journalism student, you can find information and resources to support your reporting in the CHP media centre.

Learn from people without a home

Finding appropriate and effective responses to homelessness must be informed by the knowledge and experiences of people without a home.

Council to Homelessness Persons collaborates with people with lived experience of homelessness primarily through our Peer Education Support Program (PESP).

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