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Council to Homeless Persons Applauds $2 Billion Commonwealth Investment in Victorian Social Housing


The Council to Homeless Persons welcomes the recent announcement of a $2 billion social housing investment, including $496 million for Victoria, by the Federal Government. This substantial investment signifies a crucial first step towards national leadership in tackling the urgent issue of homelessness and housing stress in Victoria.

We commend the collaborative partnership between the Federal Government and the Victorian Government as they unite their efforts to address the housing crisis and ensure the provision of social and affordable housing. This collaborative approach is essential for achieving meaningful and sustainable impact.

We also appreciate the immediate commitment of Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews to expedite the social housing maintenance program, uplifting more houses to meet the standards, and facilitating the rapid placement of Victorians in need of a home. Furthermore, the commitment to constructing new houses and the openness to exploring spot purchasing showcases a strategic approach to address the immediate and long-term housing needs of vulnerable individuals and families.

We believe that the conversation should progress further, including revisiting measures such as the now shelved $800 million Social and Affordable Housing Contribution, and having an honest and sensible discussion around inclusionary zoning. These additional measures would enhance the impact of the initiative and ensure a more comprehensive approach to ending homelessness.

The Council to Homeless Persons anticipates working closely with both governments and housing providers involved in this critical initiative.

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