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It is with sadness that we let you know of the passing of John Kenney.

John was well known for his sense of humour, his tattoos, and his willingness to share his story. But above all he was known for his work to end homelessness, alongside Council to Homeless Persons.

Recruited to CHP’s Peer Education Support Program (PESP) in 2016, John became a graduate of the program and continued working with us until 2022.

He was always ready with the phrase “There is no such thing as homeless people, they are people who do not have a home”. And when asked what was the most valuable support you can give those in need, he’d say “Do not give money, offer people without a home food, coffee or just a chat. Even a smile means a lot as we spend most of our life feeling invisible”.

John was a committed advocate for an improved response for people without a home, and worked with city councils, businesses, government and community services to end the stigma of homelessness. He was also very involved with Everybody’s Home campaign. He said one of his greatest missions was to get people off the streets and into affordable housing.

Among his other achievements such as being a Member of the Victorian Indigenous Statewide Homelessness Network, John is remembered for his contributions to Parity magazine; media; input into government submissions; community education and public presentations; the City of Melbourne Homelessness Advisory Group; training delivery to the Specialist Homelessness Sector; and Homelessness Conference presentations.

We appreciate the time John spent with CHP and celebrate his work making a difference for those without a home.

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