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Sarah Brinkhege leads milestone Parity First Nations edition


CHP is thrilled to welcome to our team Sarah Brinkhege, who will be Guest Editor for a milestone edition of Parity this October: “After The Voice: First Nations Responses to Homelessness”.

This edition aims to provide a forum in which as many First Nations voices as possible – organisational, individual and collective – can articulate their views on what should be the policy and service response to First Nations homelessness. As always in Parity, alongside this grounding consideration of homelessness, the edition will forefront the voices of lived experience.

“This project is a chance to put into practise the principles of self-determination,” said Sarah. “Only when Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander-led services develop and implement the policies, facilities and forms of housing that meet and advocate for mob’s needs and requirements, rather than have them imposed by other entities, will there be an opportunity for justice, fairness and an informed, effective response to end homelessness.”

Parity editor Noel Murray said “Over Parity’s history, we have developed and produced probably a dozen or more editions devoted to understanding and responding to the homelessness experienced by Aboriginal people, but this is the first edition to be guided, directed and prepared by a First Nations editor, working with First Nations contributors. This is an important and essential step in Parity’s coverage of this critical issue, and I’m proud that CHP can be an ally in this endeavour, assisting and supporting a publication directed by First Nations voices towards the self-determination of the response to First Nations homelessness.”

Sarah Brinkhege is an advocate for First Nations human rights, who has previously worked as an Indigenous education worker and primary school teacher. She is also a student at Deakin University and the recipient of the 2023 Santa Singh and Balwant Kaur First Nations Scholarship.   

Contributions to the October edition of Parity are invited from people working in relevant areas of government, those working in specialist homelessness services and social housing providers, those engaged in different forms of advocacy or community campaigns, and those in universities and other relevant research bodies.

Look out for the formal Call for Contributions, coming soon. And if you want to know more, contact Sarah.  

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