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Victoria’s short-stay accommodation levy must fund social housing


Council to Homeless Persons has welcomed Victoria’s slated short-term accommodation levy and called for proceeds to be funnelled into public and community housing.

State cabinet will reportedly consider a new levy of up to 7.5% on short-stay accommodation like Airbnb on Monday.

Victoria is in the biggest housing crisis in recent memory and trails the nation on social housing.

CHP CEO Deborah Di Natale welcomed reports the State Government would lead Australia in regulating short-term accommodation.

“A levy like this would be an important step in injecting more fairness into Victoria’s housing system which is in dire need of major reform,” Ms Di Natale said.

“That money should provide desperately needed accommodation for our most vulnerable people.

“A levy on bookings through platforms like Airbnb has the potential to raise more than $30 million a year to house people without homes, but ending the housing crisis will require billions, not millions, in new investment.

“The short-stay levy can’t occur in a vacuum. It must be accompanied by a firm commitment to build at least 60,000 public and community homes over the next decade.

“Building public and community housing is the critical piece of solving this crisis. Without that we risk missing an enormous opportunity.

“The Housing Statement gives Victoria a once-in-a-generation chance to end homelessness, if done right. The State Government must not let this chance slip through its fingers.

“We know the Government is aware of how serious the situation is. Now we urge them to take decisive action to fix the housing crisis.”

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