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Centring practice on what is safe and meaningful to people without a home.

The model explained in this Person-Centred Practice Guide will support individuals and organisations to provide holistic, strengths-based and trauma informed services to all people living in Victoria, regardless of who they are, where they are from, and what their history has been.

Who is this guide for?

The guide has been developed to assist the SHS workforce develop a shared language and understanding about what a person-centred approach to service provision is and how to integrate it into current practice.

About the guide

Consultations with people with lived experience of being without a home, leaders in the SHS sector and its workforce, have all informed the design of this guide. These learnings, along with a deep dive into the evidence, state and federal policies, and globally recognised best practice, have enabled CHP to document a person-centred practice approach tailored specifically to the Victorian SHS.

What is Person-Centred Practice?
One of the explainers from our eLearning module. Login to the SHS Learning Hub to view more.

Person-centred practice focuses on people, families, and communities rather than services and systems. It centres practice on what is safe and meaningful to people seeking support.

It seeks to partner with people who are without a home to deliver holistic, strengths-based and trauma responsive services to all people living in our state.

Learn more

Download the full version of the guide below. Two eLearning modules are also available on the SHS Learning Hub which explain the guide and extract its key learnings in an easy to understand and accessible format. We’d encourage you to complete these eLearns by visiting the SHS Learning Hub.

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