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Submission to the City of Melbourne’s Draft Affordable Housing Strategy 2030 Consultation Process


Lack of access to housing that people experiencing homelessness can afford is the single biggest barrier people face both to finding a pathway out of homelessness, and to avoiding an experience of homelessness.

As Council has noted in the draft Affordable Housing Strategy, lack of access to affordable housing creates broad impacts for the wellbeing of the community, as well as for the economy of Melbourne. However, in the spectrum of these impacts, it is homelessness that has the most serious consequences for individuals, for community wellbeing, and for the economy of inner Melbourne.

CHP’s response to the Affordable Housing Strategy focusses on the degree to which the Strategy will succeed in delivering greater access to affordable long-term housing for people without homes. This is because housing solutions that achieve this aim are the most effective strategy to reduce homelessness in inner Melbourne.

Please note, this publication was published prior to CHP’s branding refresh in 2022.

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