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Contributions to Parity are encouraged from many different disciplines and specialisations. By contributing to Parity, you will help us to reflect a broad range of voices and perspectives for our Australian and international audiences.

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April 2024

“Going it Alone: Unaccompanied Child and Youth Homelessness – Pathways into and out of Homelessness”

The central focus of this edition of Parity is an examination and discussion of unaccompanied
children and young people at risk of or experiencing homelessness.

Deadline for submissions: 22 March 2024

May 2024

“Right on the Edge: Housing Insecurity, Homelessness and Older Single Women”

This edition will be devoted to furthering the understanding the causes and consequences of housing insecurity and homelessness experienced by many older single women living on low incomes. In particular, it will discuss the causes and consequences of the precarious housing situation in which increasing numbers of older single women find themselves, and how this places them at a greater risk of homelessness.

Likewise, this edition will be devoted to looking at what can be done to both prevent older women’s housing insecurity and risk of homelessness in the first place, and what policies and programs are in place, or could be put in place, to mitigate the risks of housing insecurity and homelessness for older women.

Deadline for submissions: 10 May 2024

June 2024

“Responding to Homelessness in the Northern Territory”

Alongside grounding consideration of homelessness in Northern Territory in the voices and experiences of those who have lived it, one of the aims of this publication is give everyone working to respond to homelessness in the Northern Territory the opportunity to have their say about the policy and service response to homelessness.

Deadline for draft submissions: 12 April 2024
Deadline for final submissions: 17 May 2024

August 2024

“New Directions: Redefining Local Government’s Role in Ending Homelessness”

This edition of Parity aims to look widely at local government responses to homelessness – where local government can best respond, and document best practice examples from all across Australia, building knowledge and skill and encouraging more positive community-led partnerships that will work to end homelessness.

Deadline for submissions: 19 July 2024

2024 Publication schedule

February: Victorian Homelessness Conference edition
March: “No Other Option? Supported Residential Services and Private Supported Boarding Houses and Homelessness”
April: Annual Youth Homelessness edition: “Going it Alone: Unaccompanied Child and Youth Homelessness – Pathways into and out of Homelessness”
May: Right on the Edge: Housing In/Security and Older Women
June: Responding to Homelessness in the Northern Territory
July: Homeless Single Men: The Forgotten Homeless
August: Local Government and Homelessness 
September: The NDIS, Disability Housing and Homelessness
October: After the Voice: First Nations Responses to Homelessness
November: Histories of Homelessness

To learn more or to discuss any element of the publication schedule, please contact Noel Murray, Parity Editor, [email protected] 

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