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Goal 11

Build an SHS workforce development strategy

Workforce development includes broad consideration of the structural mechanisms
required to build workforce capacity and support the sector to both attract and retain high
quality staff.

Goal actions

Actions relating to this goal include:

Identify immediately actionable strategies.

Identify and articulate good practice in workforce development and the key elements required.

Plan for future workforce needs.

In alignment with the principle of self-determination, build SHS Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workforce.

Identify methods to regularly gather data on workforce demographics, satisfaction and capability.

Identify core competencies for SHS roles and activities.

Build workforce recruitment and retention strategies (see also Develop Workforce Pathways).

Support SHS and services to implement identified strategies.

Goal deliverables

Deliverable relating to this goal include:

Identify immediate, practical workforce development strategies for implementation.

In consultation with the sector, develop an SHS position paper on the workforce development required to take contemporary SHS practice to scale, including detailed planning for future needs.

Develop a regular method to gather and analyse demographic, satisfaction and capability data on the SHS, align this activity to a broader community services wide survey where possible.

Look for opportunities for collaboration with VCOSS, CHIA Vic and Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare to avoid duplication.

Goal progress

The initial deliverables for this goal have been completed. Activities included:

DHHS prioritised the development of a workforce capability framework.

In terms of immediate practical workforce development strategies, CHP has identified a demand for building the capacity of Team Leaders in the SHS. This gap has been identified by the SHS Training Advisory Group and in the sector consultations informing the development of the SHS Transition Plan.

CHP has partnered with Women Working Wonders to develop a tailored leadership program for team leaders in the SHS.

A trainers’ manual and training resources has been developed to guide future delivery of the tailored leadership program for team leaders training (subject to funding).

Precision Consultancy was engaged to develop a SHS workforce development strategy. The Building a SHS Workforce Development Strategy Project had four phases: research leading to the development of the SHS Workforce Development Strategy Discussion Paper (delivered to the sector in February 2020); consultation on the discussion paper and development of a draft strategy; validation of the draft; and finalisation of the strategy.

The SHS Workforce Development Strategy has now been completed and was launched at the CHP Annual General meeting on 25 November 2020.

Resources related to this goal

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