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Goal 13

Develop an SHS workforce capability framework

Developing a capability framework for the sector will clarify the skills, knowledge and
competencies required to provide high quality specialist homelessness services.

Goal actions

Actions relating to this goal include:

Identify and articulate the key elements of a specialist homelessness sector (SHS) workforce capability framework.

Develop a capability framework for the SHS reflecting the contemporary suite of specialist homelessness services.

Goal deliverables

Deliverable relating to this goal include:

Identify and document the key elements required for development of a Workforce Capability Framework to deliver the contemporary suite of SHS services, manage and lead change in the sector, and provide effective governance, management and leadership to the SHS.

Review workforce capability frameworks in allied sectors and from SHS nationally and internationally.

Goal progress

Work on this goal is complete. Activities included:

To support the development of a Capability framework across the homelessness, community housing, youth and family services sectors. DHHS Workforce Development Branch provided a model for Capability framework for CHP to adapt for the SHS.

To drive consistency across sectors CHIA Vic and Centre for Excellence in Child and Family Welfare will also adapt the same Capability framework model for those sectors.

The SHS Workforce Capability Framework (the framework) was submitted to DHHS on 28 June 2019.

If the model proves effective, CHP will explore opportunities to provide a homelessness lens and develop homelessness specific content to other, relevant units of competency or university subjects.

To support the implementation of the Framework, tools that provide practical examples of how it can be used have been developed to support sector understanding of the framework and embed its use. A workshop was held on 1 October 2019 with HR managers, program managers and team leaders to road test and get feedback on the tools and get advice and on other strategies to maximise sector engagement and use of the framework.

The Framework was launched at the Victorian Homelessness Conference on 14-15 October 2019.

Resources related to this goal

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