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Goal 4

Build service capacity to deliver a contemporary suite of services to gain and sustain housing

This goal focuses on building sector capacity to provide streamlined access, targeted prevention, crisis responses, rapid re-housing, permanent supportive housing, and mobilisation of mainstream services.

Goal actions

Actions relating to this goal include:

Build sector capacity to provide streamlined access, targeted prevention, crisis responses, rapid rehousing, permanent supportive housing and mobilisation of mainstream services.

Goal deliverables

Deliverable relating to this goal include:

Develop materials to support the SHS to be prepared to deliver the full suite of contemporary services.

Showcase services demonstrating best practice across the service continuum.

Goal progress

Work has commenced on this goal. Progress includes:

As noted against the Provide training and development to the SHS goal, CHP has developed a number of training modules that address identified gaps and/or respond to various reforms (eg NDIS, Homelessness and Rough Sleeping Action Plan, Team Leadership). Training resources and materials have been developed as part of this process.

To support the Rough Sleeper Action Plan (RSAP) CHP has developed an Assertive outreach resource, an assertive outreach training module and a guide to support the understanding and implementation of Housing First Permanent Supportive Housing programs in Australia.

In partnership with the RSAP providers, CHP held the RSAP Provider Forum on 21 August. The one-day forum aimed to build the capacity of the RSAP workforce, share knowledge and provided an opportunity for RSAP workers to network with colleagues from other RSAP providers.

An element of the communication strategy for the implementation of the SHS Transition Plan, will be showcasing services demonstrating best practice against specific goals (eg innovative use of technology).

The actions for each SHS Transition Plan goal includes examples of best practice relevant to that goal.

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