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Goal 9

Make effective use of new technologies

New technologies are being rapidly adopted as a means to communicate and search for information about accessing services. Young people increasingly favour new technologies as a way to interface with community services. Harnessing new technology will assist the SHS to improve the accessibility, effectiveness and efficiency of both service provision and broader sector communication.

Goal actions

Actions relating to this goal include:

Explore use of mobile technologies which reduce duplication of data entry for practitioners and allow mobile timely data entry.

Adapt the Specialist Homelessness Information Platform (SHIP) to integrate with new technology platforms and products.

Explore methods to improve communication across geographic areas.

Goal deliverables

Deliverable relating to this goal include:

Identify a process for review and ongoing awareness of new technology relevant to the sector, drawing on new innovations being trialled by the sector and those led by government.

Goal progress

Work has commenced on this goal. Progress includes:

Consistent with the recommendation of the organisational working group (OWG), planning has commenced on a sector survey. The focus of the survey and forum is on how technology is and might be used in the future to support positive outcomes in the SHS across three domains:

supporting direct service delivery (e.g., case management tools, case notes, communication with consumers)

building organisational capacity (e.g., HR systems, accreditation systems, intranet, skype for business)

supporting inter-agency and worker communication and collaboration (e.g., via Zoom, Skype, Trello, Slack).

The OWG is interested in finding out what the sector is currently using and what its ideas are for what they could be used to help achieve good outcomes for consumers.

SHIP Champions will support this goal.

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