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SHS Transition Plan goals

Goals, deliverables, and resources for the specialist homelessness sector

There are 15 goals in the SHS Transition Plan, each with different aims and deliverables for Victoria’s specialist homelessness sector (SHS).

Browse this page to find the SHS Transition Plan goals, including information on the status of the goal, progress to date, and available resources related to the goal.

Goal 1

Embed person-centred models of practice

Status: In progress

Goal 2

Build sector capacity in relation to outcomes

Status: Complete

Goal 3

Promote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander self-determination

Status: In progress

Goal 4

Build service capacity to deliver a contemporary suite of services to gain and sustain housing

Status: In progress

Goal 5

Develop a consumer participation strategy

Status: In progress

Goal 6

Strengthen consumer service pathways

Status: In progress

Goal 7

Improve local service coordination

Status: In planning

Goal 8

Build data provision and sharing protocols

Status: In progress

Goal 9

Make effective use of new technologies

Status: In progress

Goal 10

Develop SHS research priorities and complete research

Status: In progress

Goal 11

Build an SHS workforce development strategy

Status: Complete

Goal 12

Develop workforce pathways

Status: In progress

Goal 13

Develop an SHS workforce capability framework

Status: Complete

Goal 14

Provide training and development to the SHS

Status: In progress

Goal 15

Share and use data to inform SHS practice

Status: In progress

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