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Walk in my Shoes

Insightful tours to help break stereotypes of homelessness

Walk in my Shoes is a tour led by a person with experience of not having a home, to explore sites of personal significance for them. Tours are designed to give an insight into people lives, while countering stereotypes of homelessness.

Council to Homeless Persons is able to facilitate in-person or virtual Walk in my Shoes tours.

To enquire about Walk in my Shoes or for more information, email [email protected]

Who is it for?

Walk in my Shoes tours are available for anyone looking to gain a greater insight into challenges that may be encountered by people without a home.

They may be of particular interest to school or university groups, volunteer organisations, community groups, or business and organisations.

What does it involve?

Walk in my Shoes sees a person who has the experience of being without a home lead a walking tour of a local area, to discuss places of personal significance. Tours are led by a Council to Homeless Persons Peer Education Support Program (PESP) team member, who is trained to advocate and educate on issues relating to homelessness.

The tours are designed to answer questions about who can experience homelessness, what can lead to homelessness, and where people without a home can sleep, eat, access services, and find support. No-one can explore these questions better than someone who has experienced being without a home.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Council to Homeless Persons has conducted Walk in my Shoes tours online, and can now offer flexible delivery of the training. Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

What are the outcomes?

Walk in my Shoes tours will support attendees to connect with a person who has been without a home and to gain a small insight into their lives. The tours are designed to break stereotypes of homelessness, while highlighting some of the challenges encountered by many people without a home.

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