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Parity magazine is Council to Homeless Persons’ (CHP) national publication, examining homelessness from personal, local, social, national and global perspectives.

Published ten times a year—usually between February and November—each edition of Parity is devoted to the examination and discussion of a specific theme or set of issues connected to homelessness.

The Draft 2015 Publications Schedule*

 February : Reach Out: The Role of Homelessness Outreach

 March: Responding to Rural and Regional Homelessness

 April: Young People in Boarding and Rooming Houses

 May: It Has to Stop: Homelessness and Violence

 June: Dear Landlord: Private Renting and Homelessness

 July: Older Homelessness: Responding to Risk

 August: Responding to Family Homelessness

 September: The Victorian Homelessness Conference edition

 October: Role of Community Housing in Responding to Homelessness

 November: Responding to Homelessness in South Australia (TBC)

*This schedule may be subject to change. Please check the CHP website for any updates.

2014 publications schedule*

The 2014 Parity Publications Schedule

February: Innovation in Mental Health and Homelessness

March: Foyers and Families: Housing Approaches to Supporting Young People

April: Case Management and Homelessness

May: Housing Insecurity and Homelessness

June: Housing, Homelessness and Disability

July: Education, Employment, Recreation and Volunteering

August: From Outputs to Outcomes: A New Approach to Ending Homelessness

September: National Homelessness Conference Edition

October: Homelessness and the Law: Access to Justice

November: Asylum Seekers and Homelessness: Living in Limbo

 *This schedule may be subject to change. Please check the CHP website for any updates.


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The November "Living in Limbo: Asylum Seekers and Homelessness" edition of Parity

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