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Homelessness where you live

Get the facts about homelessness in your Victorian locality

Council to Homeless Persons has created homelessness profiles for every area and region in Victoria.

They answer questions such as:

How many people in my area are without a home?

How does homelessness in my area compare to others in Victoria?

Where do people without a home stay in my electorate?

These profiles are based on electorate boundaries. They have been created following the release of the 2021 Census data on Estimating Homelessness, and include a comparison to the 2016 Census data offering an overview of progress in each locality.

Victoria’s Top 20: Areas with surging homelessness

The 2021 Census data revealed that homelessness grew by 24 per cent since the 2016 Census – four times the national average.

Council to Homeless Persons has released a report of the top 20 areas of Victoria where homelessness increased, exploring where and how the biggest increases occurred.

Homelessness in your area

Find your area below and click to download a profile.

These profiles reflect local electorate boundaries, which changed ahead of the 2022 Victorian state election. You may be based in a new area, even if your address has not changed. Search for your electorate using the Victorian Electorate Commission tool.

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