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Victorian election 2022

A plan to end homelessness in Victoria

The Victorian state election is taking place on 26 November 2022. It offers a chance for Victorians to call on their decision makers to take decisive action to end homelessness in our state.

We need our MPs – current and incoming – to commit to delivering the housing and support needed for Victorians.

With investment into housing and support, tailored to the differing needs of the people who need it, ending homelessness in Victoria is possible.

Homelessness election platform

A plan to end homelessness in Victoria is the Victorian homelessness election platform for 2022, created by Council to Homeless Persons.

It calls for the next Victorian Government to implement 27 changes that, together, would help to end homelessness in Victoria. In the lead up to the Victorian state election in November 2022, we’re encouraging all parties to commit to the platform’s recommendations.

Homelessness in your area

To accompany the plan, Council to Homeless Persons has created homelessness profiles for every electorate and Upper House region in Victoria.

Get a breakdown of homelessness in your local area so you can be informed when you have conversations with MPs, candidates, advocates and your wider networks leading up to the election. Answer questions such as:

How many people in my area are without a home?

How does homelessness in my area compare to others in Victoria?

Where do people without a home stay in my electorate?

Find your electorate and Upper House region below, and click to download a profile of your area. Victorian electorate boundaries are changing ahead of the upcoming election, so you may have be enrolled in a new district or region, even if your address has not changed.

Search for your electorate using the Victorian Electorate Commission tool.

Electorate profiles

Homelessness in your region

There are eight electoral regions in Victoria, each with five representatives in Victoria’s Legislative Council –
also known as the Upper House.

Search for your electorate using the Victorian Electorate Commission tool.

Upper house regional profiles

Take action

MPs and candidates play an important role in directing their parties’ attention to the policy areas they are heading about on the campaign trail.

That’s why it’s so important that we raise awareness and grab the attention of the MPs and candidates for the upcoming election. Here are some ways you can help:

Meet with your MP

Council to Homeless Persons is proposing three distinct focus periods for meetings with MPs and candidates. If you, or your MP or candidate aren’t available during these periods, please meet with them when you can.

Mid-late September – Housing focus: During this period, we’re encouraging homelessness services to meet with MPs and candidates and talk about how difficult it is to find housing currently, the impact that that has on people, and the need for the next Victorian Government to deliver 6,000 social housing properties every year for ten years.

Early-mid October – Youth homelessness: It’s time for a joined up approach to youth homelessness. We need a new youth homelessness strategy, social housing for young people, and a system of support from prevention through to Housing First for Youth. This year our electorate profiles include a dedicated section on youth homelessness.

Early November – consumers and support: As the formal election campaign kicks off, it can be hard to get MPs’ and candidates’ time. We’re encouraging member organisations to invite them to meet with you and a person who has experienced homelessness to discuss how important support is in ending an episode of homelessness. A guide for consumers is also available. If you would like to, get in touch with [email protected] to discuss letting local media know about this event.

Political parties have been busily confirming their candidates for the election. Many candidate contact details are now available online either on the website of the political party in question or through a google search.

We have put together this key messaging guide to assist you in your conversations with MPs and candidates.

For more information on meeting your MP or candidate, including how to arrange, prepare for, and attend a meeting, browse our Talk to your MP page.

Share on social media

Supporting a campaign on social media is an effective way of raising understandings of key issues, grabbing the attention of MPs and candidates, and getting a topic into public discourse.

You can help to spread the word about housing and homelessness ahead of the election by downloading and sharing the tiles below, which focus on the urgent need to provide a housing guarantee for victim-survivors of family violence.

Click to view file and save

When you are sharing messages on social media, be sure to tag the MP or politician in question, and use the hashtags #springst and #vicvotes22 for maximum exposure.

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